IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization
29 June-3 July 2020 // Virtual Conference

Guidelines for Attendees

Please make sure to use the same e-mail address for registration to both Whova and Cisco Webex Meetings, in order to have a seamless conference experience!

Setting up Whova and Cisco Webex Meetings

  • Whova: A few days before the conference, if you are registered to the conference, you will receive notifications via Whova inviting you to download the Whova Mobile Application available on both IOS/Android dedicated to the IEEE NetSoft 2020 conference and to complete your profile.

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For Blackberry or Windows Phone, Click here

For feature details, visit Whova


  • Cisco Webex Meetings: For Webex, it is also recommended to download the Mobile or PC Application but it is not mandatory as the Webex session could be joined via common browsers. To install Webex, use the following links:
    • For Android Phones: here
    • For iOS phones: here 
    • For PC, Blackberry and Windows Phone: you will be prompted to install the application the first time you enter a session (see next Section for details).

Finding and Accessing a Live Session

In order to access the session, you need to use the Whova application and have a Whova account. To find a session, please proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Whova Program page and click on View Session for the session you are interested in (e.g. Keynotes, Technical Sessions, etc.). The program is also available on the NetSoft 2020 website.
  2. If needed, you can add a session to your Agenda through the Whova application.
  3. Click on View Live Stream to access the Webex virtual room the session will take place in. A sub-session is created on Whova for each paper, but all sub-sessions have the same Webex room as their main parent session (e.g., TS1, …, TS6).
  4. When you enter the session room in Webex, you will be given the “attendee” role. Your microphone and camera will be disabled.
  5. To ask questions to the presenter, please use the Q&A Chat and choose to send your question to All panelists, so that both the speaker and session chair can see your question. To access this chat, click on the chat icon located at the bottom of the screen (see the figure below).

If you have not had the chance to ask your question during the Webex session, you can use your Whova application, by accessing the session’s Q&A channel in the Whova application (mobile and web). This channel will be moderated by the Session Chairs and will be available during all the conference.

If, during the conference, you have questions or you want to test your presentation on Webex (for example, testing audio, camera and sharing presentations on the screen), you can visit the Info Desk, also accessible through the Whova Program.

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